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Good Afternoon Everyone,

We currently have a position open for a Infrastructure Team Lead in a largely oriented FreeBSD based environment.

For more information read below and visit the link at the end of this message to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Infrastructure Team Lead for LPi is directly responsible for the direction of all company technology infrastructure. The incumbent will specify, engineer, and build new systems, as well as assist in the monitoring, maintaining, and supporting the existing company computer systems, data networks, and telecommunication systems. The Infrastructure Team Lead will work as an individual contributor 80% of the time, but will also provide direction and assistance to other Infrastructure Team members to ensure system and network performance meets company and user requirements. This position will be based at our headquarters in New Berlin, WI.

Skills and Traits of a Successful candidate:
•Serves as technical lead and systems designer for all IS Infrastructure projects.                          
•Assists IS Infrastructure & Support team members with system issues as escalated.                    
•Identifies processes that can be automated, makes improvement recommendations, and writes
• scripts / programs to automate processes.                                                                                          
•Examines log files to determine the root cause of a server system/software issue. Takes ownership of, identifies, and implements problem resolution.                                                                      
•Monitors system health using applications such as Nagios and Icinga and monitors network health by analyzing usage trends both real-time and historical (via trafshow, ntop, and MRTG) data.      
•Upgrades and builds Unix virtual server environments.                                                              
•Checks and verifies system backups (via rsync, rsnapshot, VMWare VCB). Troubleshoots and corrects and backup failures.
•Performs server and network hardware maintenance.  

•Knowledge of computer systems and networking concepts typically acquired through a 4 year Computer Science related degree program, or equivalent experience.
•Minimum 3 years previous related work experience.
•Systems administration experience with FreeBSD, VMWare and Windows Servers.
•LAN, VPN, Firewall, and WAN design, configuration and administration experience.
•Demonstrated ability with shell scripting and automating system tasks. Programming in Python, Ruby, Perl, Common Lisp, C, or other languages is a plus.
•Comprehensive experience with server hardware setup and maintenance including system BIOS and RAID BIOS configurations.
•Comprehensive experience with on-premise hypervisors like VMWare or SmartOS, as well as VPS offerings such as Rackspace CloudServers, Amazon AWS, or other providers.
•Basic knowledge of Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange is a plus.
•Advanced problem solving and analytical skills.
•Ability to communicate technical information and training to non-technical personnel.
•Solid organizational skills with the ability to set and track priorities.
•Ongoing desire to learn new technologies.

Liturgical Publications Inc., is the industry leader in publications for non-profit organizations for 40 years. We are privately owned with over 4000 accounts. LPi has grown 8-10% each year for the past 3yrs. Our success is the result of extraordinary employees and management vision. We continue to grow by offering more products and services to our customers.

Benefits include: Medical, dental, vision, 401(k) matching, Health Savings Account, etc.

Phyisical Demands:

Responsibilities may require occasional evening or weekend work in response to scheduled maintenance, system outages, and business needs. Overnight travel may occasionally be required; approximately one multi-day trip per quarter to one of LPI’s other offices may be required. The majority of the time is spent seated at a workstation with access to a computer and telephone. The job involves frequent verbal communication either in person or by telephone with other employees and vendors.

Mental Demands:

The duties of the position entail above-average mental stamina and demands. Must be able to understand complex information systems infrastructure and adapt to quickly changing demands. Must understand how infrastructure changes will impact overall operations. Typical duties involve handling multiple priorities (researching, troubleshooting, problem-solving, evaluating, consulting, and coordinating). Some duties require high levels of concentration, precision, great detail analysis and application, and adherence to strict time deadlines. Certain duties are highly stressful such as dealing with troubleshooting under tight deadlines, and handling system complaints. Position requires a high degree of self-direction.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Apply here:

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