6.0: during kernel compilation, 'kernel linking' freezes PC

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6.0: during kernel compilation, 'kernel linking' freezes PC



I have upgraded a Pentium-1 PC from 5 to 6-Stable,
which went smoothly.

Now I'm running 6 with GENERIC kernel, and I want
to compile a new kernel. When I start a new kernel
compilation, this process *always* freezes the PC
(no crash) when reaching the point of "linking
kernel"; this is 100 percent reproducible!!

Then all communication with the PC is frozen;
no serial port response, no ssh response etc.
However, I can ping the PC.....

Only power off/on brings the PC back to live.

Any idea how I can further investigate.
/var/log/messages has no special information while
the freezing occurred.

The output of 'dmesg' of this PC is here:


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