Android auto on FreeBSD RPI - Call for testing.

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Android auto on FreeBSD RPI - Call for testing.

Andreas Andersson-2
ust a bit of background. There's a piece of software called openauto[1].
What it does is that it emulates an android auto headunit. With that comes
libraries called aasdk[2]. How it works is that you connect this to your
android phone - you need android auto app on your phone. If that is
unavilable it still works if you download from apkmirror. I am in Sweden
where this is not yet unavailable. And downloading that worked for me.

So you connect android to the raspberry pi by means of usb. And this should
get you and android headunit. I've tested this in virtualbox, which works
with usb hotplugging of phone. However, I only have a RPI 3B+. So I cannot
test it fully on FreeBSD.

If you have the time and the hardware (preferably with the official rpi
touchscreen) let me know if it works or not.

There are a few kinks to these ports. AASDK needs ninja, which I've not yet
added as a BUILD_DEP. I will, I just want to know if I should continue this
work or not. The other kink is that you need to change RPI makefile to say
RPI3_BUILD=true. it should work with earlier versions of raspberry as well.
You also probably need raspberrypi-userland installed for this as you need to link against.

For 3 and 3b+ there is no support as of now (it relies on
2d/3d-acceleration with OpenMAX, I will excerpt an email which I got from
gonzo (Oleaksandr Tymoshenko)

Videocore 4 GPU is supported on armv7 but not on arm64. So it works on
older Raspberry Pi's like Pi1 and Pi2 but doesn't work on newer ones:
Pi3B, Pi3B+, Pi2 v1.2. I have some work in progress but haven't
completed it yet. Performance-wise it's more or less the same I'd say.
I haven't done any benchmarks but people ported Kodi player to FreeBSD
on RPi so it must be powerful enough :)

As for general support of RPi3B+ in FreeBSD: it's more or less the same
as RPi3B now. The network card driver, the only major support part except
GPU, has been committed couple of weeks ago.

Please let me know if this is working or not.


Take care

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