Announcing the OpenZAP.hps project

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Announcing the OpenZAP.hps project

Hans Petter Selasky

During the recent week I have been talking to the people at and
we have agreed to build up a new full featured telephony stack by merging
ISDN4BSD and OpenZAP. I have called the new branch OpenZAP.hps in my SVN

As a consequence of this I have therefore decided that the ISDN part of my
ISDN4BSD project will only receive bug-fixes from today and on, and will be
considered a stable branch.

Some words about what OpenZAP.hps will bring. The fundamental part of the new
telephony stack is the node concept. A node is a part that can
receive "mbufs" using FreeBSD terms. There will be created different node
types like echo-cancel, format conversion, tone detection, DSS1 protocol,
CAPI2.0, ... Nodes are addressed by a 32-bit value. Everything will be built
around the node concept. This gives us an important advantage that nodes can
be placed in userland, kernel or even at a remote host. In other words the
load can be distributed easily.

Multithreading. Unlike many other telephony implementations, there will not be
one thread for every B-channel or call present. Instead there will be one
thread for each CPU and possibly one configuration thread running at a lower

Compatibility. The new stuff will be backwards compatible with CAPI2.0 and
possibly also the FreeSwitch API, which means you will still be able to use
it with Asterisk and Callweaver through "chan_capi", and FreeSwitch
through "libopenzap".

Planning. I suspect that OpenZAP.hps will be ready for testing before
Christmas of 2008.

Financial support. Feel free to support the project economically. If you are
interested in working for the project, and have the right experience, there
is a chance that something can be arranged so that you will get some money in
return. Currently I cannot offer any full-time positions.



ISDN4BSD repo:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn checkout

OpenZAP.hps repo:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn checkout
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