Apple Fry and I Scream (Manchester BSD UG tonight)

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Apple Fry and I Scream (Manchester BSD UG tonight)

Paul Robinson-4
The observant amongst you will have noticed I *DID NOT* forget to send  
out the reminder last week for the Manchester BSDUG meeting.

It was just very, very small. Perhaps you missed it. It really was  
very tiny. Don't blame me if your eyesight is going there "Granddad",  

Plus the [hidden email] mailing list is regularly stuffed  
and so I need to do Magic Things sometime Real Soon Now to restore  
normal service by moving us somewhere else. Many of you are getting  
this via BCC.

Anyway, the - very clever, go on admit it - subject line refers to the  
fact that Apple-fan-boi Stephen Fry has been corrupted by Comrade Matt  
Lee into supporting this GNU malarky, and then the same said Comrade  
Matt Lee corrupted me into becoming an EU mirror for these mutterings  
in a format nobody has a codec installed for:

Obviously I am an idiot in allowing my company name to be tarnished  
with such propaganda, but hey, it's almost Christmas. I know it must  
be almost Christmas, because on Sunday the boss of my local was  
showing me this year's Christmas decorations. They are lovely in the  
sense that only blue LEDs arranged in a shape reminiscent of the Star  
of David could be considered lovely.

I digress. Today is the first Tuesday of the month. This is the matter  
at hand.

That means tonight at the allotted hour of 1930 hours UTC+1 (-ish), I  
hereby request your attendance at the Briton's Protection public house  
on Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, UK.

We shall discuss:

- The downfall of Stephen Fry
- The propagandist Matthew Lee
- Tacky Christmas decorations
- Hitler penguins (no, really)
- The fact Sam won't be in attendance because - I quote - "Tuesday is  
Yoga night"
- Why as a Manchester City fan I want to cry today
- Maybe some Unix stuff at some point?

These discussions will continue until 2130 hours UTC+1 (double-ish),  
at which point we will disperse in a chaotic manner by way of perhaps  
another bar.

Paul Robinson
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