Archives of last quarterly package builds?

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Archives of last quarterly package builds?

Packages are delivered via a single quarterly label here

which corresponds to the latest quarterly branch label here

However, similar to how the tags here

are archived here
as these[n]

The last "ie: final" builds of each quarterly branch before they
roll over should also be moved off into their own archived
quarterly directories as[n]

For example /quarterly/ should be repointed from 2018Q2
to 2018Q3, leaving 2018Q2 as a live "pkg" accessible archive.

Eventually all such archives could be moved to historical
archive server under typical release support expiry periods.

This would also serve critical purpose as an independant
original remote repository for validating local package / file
signatures against compromise, corruption, loss.

For example, does the last 2018Q2 (or older ones) still exist
anywhere for users to reference and use?
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