Atheros AR93xx NAND support

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Atheros AR93xx NAND support

Gergely Kiss

I have a home project about porting FreeBSD to my beloved Netgear
WNDR4300 V.1 board and would like to ask for a little bit of help.

The board is basically an Atheros DB120 reference board with a few
minor modifications (eg. it does not have SPI flash on-board, only a
NAND chip and has custom designed, "patent pending" integrated
antennas) so I cloned the DB120 kernel configuration and modified to
match the parameters of the Netgear board.

As the SPI flash chip is absent, I need to boot FreeBSD off the NAND
chip which works fine up to the point where the kernel is loaded but
the root filesystem (also residing on the NAND chip) cannot be mounted
because of the NAND controller not detected.

I'm using FreeBSD CURRENT with the NAND framework and NANDFS support
enabled in the kernel configuration according to instructions found on
the NAND wiki page [1] but I still can't see the NAND controller

Please advise.

As per this [2] wiki page, the controller should be detected as
"ar934x_nfc0" but I can't see anything like that in the logs:

"ar934x_nfc0: <AR934x NAND controller> on apb0"

Your help is much appreciated.


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