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John-Mark Gurney-2

I am available for contract work.  I've been working on FreeBSD for
over 20 years, and have been a committer for the last 18 years.  I have
diverse experience in both FreeBSD userland and kernel.  I recently
added AES-GCM and AES counter mode to the OpenCrypto framework with
sponsorship by the FreeBSD Foundation.

I am currently working on adding PCIe Hot plug support with support
from the FreeBSD Foundation.

Some the my interests and experience are (but not limited to):
        various security improvements (e.g. ciphers and randomness)
        other platform support (experience w/ arm and sparc64/sun4v)
        performance optimizations

Location: Oakland, CA USA

Resume: https://www.funkthat.com/~jmg/resume.html

  John-Mark Gurney Voice: +1 415 225 5579

     "All that I will do, has been done, All that I have, has not."
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