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BSD UG - Cancel it?

Paul Robinson-4
Hi all,

Due to the fact that it's currently forecast to be -8C at around 6pm-7pm tonight and it's likely to actually be a few degrees colder thanks to wind chill and falling as the evening progresses, I am of the mind that few of you will be up for a meet-up tonight.

The roads are pretty treacherous (I have quite enjoyed what I now consider to be the "86 Bus Rally" of recent days, mind), so to ask you all to turn up to a corner of Manchester that won't have seen gritting in weeks, fill yourselves with alcohol and then head out into an Easterly Siberian wind seems... well, not a wise thing to do.

So, if you're *really* determined, fine, please post to [hidden email] to say you're making it (I might be in the neighbourhood anyway so will call by), otherwise I suggest we cancel tonight and meet on the first Thursday of February, the 4th.

Happy New Year to you all, hope you're all safe and sound and warm,

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