[Bug 211580] deny system message buffer access from jails

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[Bug 211580] deny system message buffer access from jails


--- Comment #17 from Jamie Landeg-Jones <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to dewayne from comment #12)

Hi. In my situation, I have a jail where I'd really prefer host information to
not leak through as much as possible, but I want it readily available on the
host itself for normal users.

I only added a "me too" when I stumbled upon this thread saying it would be
relatively easy to add.

As for Joes comment, I hadn't thought about the sysctl leakage, but if I
understand correctly, this patch will still stop any user (even root) in the
jail from accessing the dmesg portion in sysctl.

As for (the other) Jamie, I can agree with either side, and also disagree with
either side, so no help here! :-)

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