[Bug 213896] when starting vimage jails the kernel crashes

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[Bug 213896] when starting vimage jails the kernel crashes


Heinz N. Gies <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Heinz N. Gies <[hidden email]> ---
I'm having the same problem and can reliably reproduce it.

I noticed it when testing vmadm (https://github.com/project-fifo/r-vmadm) and
starting and stopping a jail a few times.

The basic steps for start are:

  rctl -a jail:d0f4fea3-e368-4346-b44c-50cfbcffa287:memoryuse:deny=1024M

  mount -t devfs devfs

  mount -t devfs devfs

  jail -i -c persist name=d0f4fea3-e368-4346-b44c-50cfbcffa287
host.hostuuid=d0f4fea3-e368-4346-b44c-50cfbcffa287 host.hostname=test
devfs_ruleset=4 securelevel=2 sysvmsg=new sysvsem=new sysvshm=new
allow.raw_sockets children.max=1 vnet=new vnet.interface=epair0b
exec.start="/sbin/ifconfig epair0b name net0p; /sbin/ifconfig net0p.5 create
vlan 5 vlandev net0p; /sbin/ifconfig net0p.5 name net0; /sbin/ifconfig net0
inet; /sbin/route add default -gateway;
/sbin/ifconfig lo0 up; jail -c persist
name=d0f4fea3-e368-4346-b44c-50cfbcffa287 host.hostname=test path=/jail
ip4=inherit devfs_ruleset=4 securelevel=2 sysvmsg=new sysvsem=new sysvshm=new
allow.raw_sockets exec.start='sh /etc/rc'"

ifconfig epair0a name j1:net0

and destroying the jail the same way in reverse (stop, unmount, remove rctl
entries dstrouy j1:net0)

kernel is FreeBSD fifo-bsd 11.0-RELEASE-p1 with

which is the standard kenrel config plus

  nooptions       SCTP   # Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  options         VIMAGE # VNET/Vimage support
  options         RACCT  # Resource containers
  options         RCTL   # same as above

I've uploaded the kernel dump here
https://www.dropbox.com/s/73mb8e64cb7zwbe/crash.tar.xz?dl=0 (it's too big to

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