[Bug 216115] service -e showing sendmail enabled when it is not

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[Bug 216115] service -e showing sendmail enabled when it is not


--- Comment #21 from Alex Kozlov <[hidden email]> ---
Alright, I'm too lazy to grok devel/rclint, so I hacked together crude checker
in shell.
There're a few false positives, but even so from 1341 rc-scripts more than 200
have code outside of command functions :-(

But only a few broken with service enabled command:
* audio/madfufw - exit(0) if /var/run/maudio.pid exist or creates that file if
it's not
* net/frr3, net/frr4, net/frr5 - preprocesses rc-commands, 'enabled' always
return no (rc=1)
* net/kafka - unconditionally creates ${kafka_log_dir}/${kafka_out_file} if its
doesn't exist
* sysutils/ipad_charge - exit if less than two command line arguments given
* sysutils/logstash5 - unconditionally creates piddir if it's exist (inverted
* www/gitlab-ce - tries to recreate Gemfile.lock in certain conditions
* sysutils/p5-Tail-Stat, www/nginx, www/nginx-devel, www/uwsgi - uses hack to
run multiple instances from on rc-script, always retun rc=0, so 'enabled'
always return yes

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