[Bug 231129] The ZFS installer sets atime=off by default

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[Bug 231129] The ZFS installer sets atime=off by default


--- Comment #3 from Dennis Clarke <[hidden email]> ---
The zfs manpage could perhaps be updated to reflect that the installer
disables this feature by default. Currently we see :

     atime=on | off
         Controls whether the access time for files is updated when they are
         read.  Turning this property off avoids producing write traffic when
         reading files and can result in significant performance gains, though
         it might confuse mailers and other similar utilities. The default
         value is on.

The default in 11.2 and 12.0beta2 and beta3 is to disable the UNIX atime
feature silently and thus the user will never know.  The manpage should
reflect this information as the "default value is on" will lead anyone to
think there is a failure in their system after initial install.

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