[Bug 233581] Bugg in PF or in PF man-page?

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[Bug 233581] Bugg in PF or in PF man-page?


--- Comment #12 from peos42 <[hidden email]> ---
Hi Kristof

This is small :)

However... To try to give you something smaller I started by removing the
pass in quick on lo0 inet proto tcp from to port 953 flags
S/SAFR keep state

from the main host pf.conf and reloaded PF. The weird thing is that "rndc
relosd" still works in the jail. I restarted the jail and it still works. As it
should!!! The ONLY thing I have done since my initial post where it didn't work
is to upgrade host and jail from 11.2-p4 to 11.2p5. ?????????????

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