[Bug 234671] clang faults while compiling new GlusterFS source code

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[Bug 234671] clang faults while compiling new GlusterFS source code


Dimitry Andric <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Dimitry Andric <[hidden email]> ---
After merging the upstream fixes, clang won't crash anymore with a fatal error.
 It still will refuse to compile the glfs.c file though, now with:

error: versioned symbol glfs_upcall_register@@GFAPI_3.13.0 must be defined
error: versioned symbol glfs_upcall_unregister@@GFAPI_3.13.0 must be defined
2 errors generated.

Indeed, this is an error in the code, which seems to have been fixed in this
upstream commit (together with a lot of other symbol breakage):


Can you try applying that, or at least parts of it?  Alternatively, a minimal
fix is:

--- a/glfs.c       2019-01-10 08:57:50.000000000 +0100
+++ b/glfs.c       2019-02-16 21:45:03.999966000 +0100
@@ -48952,7 +48952,7 @@
 GFAPI_SYMVER_PUBLIC_DEFAULT(glfs_sysrq, 3.10.0);

-glfs_upcall_register (struct glfs *fs, uint32_t event_list,
+pub_glfs_upcall_register (struct glfs *fs, uint32_t event_list,
                       glfs_upcall_cbk cbk, void *data)
         int ret = 0;
@@ -49003,7 +49003,7 @@
 GFAPI_SYMVER_PUBLIC_DEFAULT(glfs_upcall_register, 3.13.0);

-int glfs_upcall_unregister (struct glfs *fs, uint32_t event_list)
+int pub_glfs_upcall_unregister (struct glfs *fs, uint32_t event_list)
         int ret = 0;
         /* list of supported upcall events */

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