[Bug 235185] www/fcgiwrap: environment should be cleaned in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fcgiwrap

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[Bug 235185] www/fcgiwrap: environment should be cleaned in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fcgiwrap


--- Comment #17 from Rodney W. Grimes <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Devin Teske from comment #15)
This idea is appladable, but what is the default value of this knob?

If it is yes so that the environment is sanitized satisfying vas@'s desires it
would be a POLA violation for anyone who has been using environment variables
to effect things started by rc.d scripts.

If it is no, leaving the system function as is so no POLA or breakage it would
not achieve what vas@ is asking for.

And in either case one would not likely find this subtle knob addition that
effects this change for what is now looking to be a small edge case of sloppy
admins that work as root with poluted ENV invoking daemon starting scripts
directly rather than using the services wrap (which someone did find to be
doing the sanitization asked for and hence I now deam the correct solution to
this bug report, no change needed.)

All that being said, I would in no way object to:
a)  Adding a env -i to the rc.d/fcgiwrap start script AND submitting a report
to the author asking that he clean up its act

b)  Adding a knob to /etc/defaults/rc.conf that does Devin's global type env -i
to the rc.d system with a default value of off

c)  Documenting in services.8 more clearly that:
    a)  It really does do a full revoke with only PATH and HOME exported from
the environment it seems a bit unclear as it is written today.
    b)  That directly invoking a rc.d/script may or may not have this cleaning
done depnding on the new knob in b).

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