[Bug 235185] www/fcgiwrap: environment should be cleaned in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fcgiwrap

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[Bug 235185] www/fcgiwrap: environment should be cleaned in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fcgiwrap


--- Comment #35 from Rodrigo Osorio <[hidden email]> ---
As the fcgiwrap port maintainer, this is my position:

1) If we can agree that starting services by invoking the scripts directly
(just like not using sysrc to update rc.conf) isn't wrong, it comes with
drawbacks and since this is not the 'recommended/standard' way to start a
service, users who decide to go that way should live with -no offense-.

2) The use of env -i when calling the fcgiwrap script doesn't come at no cost.
The daemon will be started with en empty PATH variable.
If this has no impact in many cases, I found a few ones who makes the script
fail. The most problematic one is the 'which' command used by many cgi script
to discover if a command exists, and recover its full path. Run in a
'sanitized' environment, 'which' returns nothing even for base tools like ls.

Once again, I'm not against changing and improving tools but not at the cost of
a massive web-server failure on D+1  with a immediate rollback.

And I fully agree if someone wants to fix it at a higher level.

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