[Bug 236055] lang/gcc8 Linker command failed due to signal

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[Bug 236055] lang/gcc8 Linker command failed due to signal


Mark Millard <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Mark Millard <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Ed Maste from comment #4)

It would also help if the dmesg/console messages avoided
incorrectly referencing "out of swap" when such need not
be involved.

Details follow, describing the current context.

If the person with the problem see any of the:

swap_pager_getswapspace(number): failed

message they really were out of swap. But if
they only see:

kernel: pid ... (...), uid ..., was killed: out of swap space

they likely had swap available, the issue not
really being swap space.

The 2nd type of message can happen when there is
plenty of swap but processes that stay runnable are
preventing having sufficient free RAM after some
number of tries by FreeBSD: runnable processes are
not (fully) swapped-out by FreeBSD, only paged.

In my view the "was killed: out of swap space" should
text be adjusted.

Other notes:

There is a tunable that can increase the number
of tries at freeing RAM before "was killed: out
of swap space" happens. This is used on low end
armv7's and aarch64's and such to allow buildworld
and the like to complete with -j4, for example.

vm.pageout_oom_seq has a default of 12 (last I
checked). Figures like 120 and 1024 have been
used on those low end armv7 and aarch64 examples.
(pi2 V1.1 and rpi3 are examples: just 1 GiByte
of RAM. Of course sufficient swap space is also
required for this kind of context.)

For lld based links, LDFLAGS.lld+= -Wl,--no-threads
can also help avoid memory use by avoiding having
ncpu+2 threads in use in each active lld.

How-to-build-software documentation should probably
cover this subject.

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