[Bug 236220] ZFS vnode deadlock on zfs_mknode

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[Bug 236220] ZFS vnode deadlock on zfs_mknode


--- Comment #18 from Julien Cigar <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to cedric from comment #16)

I would not upgrade until it gets fixed, I've upgraded 3 dedicated PostgreSQL +
ZFS machines to 12.0 and each of them trigger a deadlock after ~ 7-15 days of

If you want to help you may upgrade and issue a procstat -kk -a when the
problem appears (if you manage to log on the machine which I have never been
able to do)

Other than doing fsync / fdatasync a lot I don't think PostgreSQL does anything
"special" and it's strange that this problem seems (?) to only manifest when
it's installed and running

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