[Bug 238326] Kernel crash on jail stop (VIMAGE/VNET)

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[Bug 238326] Kernel crash on jail stop (VIMAGE/VNET)


--- Comment #15 from O. Hartmann <[hidden email]> ---
This problem is still present in 12-STABLE, CURRENT and 12.1-RELENG.

(In reply to pprocacci from comment #7)

On 12.1-RELENG (most recent), 12-STABLE and CURRENT (r362906), using the
workaround as suggested in comment #7 (see above), using

exec.prestop=          "ifconfig ${if_vnet}a -vnet ${name}";

where ${if_vnet} is expanded to my epair interface and its subinterface is "a"
instead of "b" (a is the interafce owned by the jail in the inner), I receive

variable if_net not known error

It seems that only the command exec.poststop is affected, all other commands,
either stop/start targetting the running jail and those targetting the
non-running jail (psotstop/prestart etc.) do not show the error.

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