[Bug 238326] Kernel crash on jail stop (VIMAGE/VNET)

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[Bug 238326] Kernel crash on jail stop (VIMAGE/VNET)


--- Comment #16 from Mason Loring Bliss <[hidden email]> ---
Markus Stoff wrote:

> Running 'ifconfig ${epair}b -vnet ${jid}' before removing the jail avoids
> the kernel panic. However, I would prefer to shut my jails down in a
> clean way rather than just pulling the (network) plug.

While it's a little awkward-looking, you can do something like this to make
sure you've cleanly shut down and detached:

    exec.prestop = "/usr/sbin/jexec ${name} /bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown";
    exec.prestop += "/sbin/ifconfig epair${ep}b -vnet ${name}";

    exec.poststop = "ifconfig $bridge deletem epair${ep}a";
    exec.poststop += "ifconfig epair${ep}a destroy";

The notable thing is that exec.prestop and exec.poststop run in system
context, not jail context, so you need the jexec to execute the clean
shutdown - but it works.

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