[Bug 239417] ARP ping fails from the host to bridged vnet jails

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[Bug 239417] ARP ping fails from the host to bridged vnet jails


--- Comment #2 from Yuri Victorovich <[hidden email]> ---
arping -v -v ,,, log:

> $ arping -v -v
> arping: clock_getres() = 0s 1ns
> arping: libnet_init(<null>)
> arping: Autodetected interface sk0
> arping: libnet_init(sk0)
> Timestamp types:
>   Name               Description
> arping: chroot(/var/empty): Operation not permitted
> arping: setgroups(0, NULL): Operation not permitted
> arping: setgid(): Operation not permitted
> arping: setuid(): Operation not permitted
> arping: pcap_get_selectable_fd(): 5
> This box:   Interface: sk0  IP:   MAC address: 00:1c:32:3a:87:32
> arping: sending packet at time 145827.861062692
> Timeout
> arping: sending packet at time 145828.867484471
> Timeout
> arping: sending packet at time 145829.873842180
> ^C

> the PR should be for Ports & Packages

But net/arping normally works, except for in this situation.
In this case it doesn't get ARP responses, which seems to be a kernel problem
because ARP responses are supposed to come from all bridged peers.
arping of the same jail from another such jail, or from outside hosts works,
just not from the host where jail resides.

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