[Bug 240106] VNET issue with ARP and routing sockets in jails

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[Bug 240106] VNET issue with ARP and routing sockets in jails


--- Comment #2 from John Westbrook <[hidden email]> ---
I have SR-IOV configured as described in this thread:


such that cxlv[0-3] are shown in ifconfig. The jail.conf is:

vnet.interface = "vnet0";
exec.prestart  = "ifconfig ${vnet0} name vnet0";
exec.poststop  = "ifconfig vnet0 name ${vnet0}";

exec.start += "/bin/sh /etc/rc";
exec.stop = "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown";
exec.consolelog = "/var/log/${name}.log";
host.hostname = "${name}";
path = "/jail/${name}";

j1 {
   $vnet0 = "cxlv1";

j2 {
   $vnet0 = "cxlv2";

There are two hosts direct connected via cxl0. The problem is visible when
pinging (1) between jails on the same host and (2) from an affected jail on
host 1 to host 2. On an unaffected host both of these operations succeed.

Using tcpdump on the physical (cxl) and virtual (cxlv) interfaces shows the ARP
requests and responses, but in an affected jail the ARP tables aren't updated.

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