[Bug 249399] The last jail created using VNET has ARP problem

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[Bug 249399] The last jail created using VNET has ARP problem


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Re-opening this bug report as it has NOT been fixed in BETA3. I closed this
ticket earlier as VNET work properly again on one of my test servers,
unfortunately VNET still malfunctions on the second.

OK, now we have a bug that will not always manifest itself, although the bugs
behavior is consistent between reboots and always fails on the same server. The
jail/vnet setup of both servers is similar but the number of running jails

I would like to work with someone to fix this problem, but do not know what
debug information to provide.

(From the HOST) Initially when a list of jails are created all can be pinged.
However, after the default ARP timeout, the LAST jail attached to the bridge
fails to respond.

(From another jail attached to the same VNET) All jails including the last one
created are pingable. Everything appears normal.

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