[Bug 253435] Jail does not create tunnel (wireguard) interface alias.

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[Bug 253435] Jail does not create tunnel (wireguard) interface alias.


--- Comment #1 from Jamie Gritton <[hidden email]> ---
jail(8) will automatically run "ifconfig alias <ifname> <ipaddr>" on startup
(and "-alias" on shutdown).  But it's interface-agnostic, and doesn't know
things like the tunnel interface needing the address twice (which I didn't know

So anything more complicated than a single address added to an existing
interface is going to take you running the commands yourself.  For your setup,
I think this should work:

 ip4.addr =;
 exec.prestart = "ifconfig wgnet0 alias inet ${ip4.addr} ${ip4.addr}";
 exec.poststop = "ifconfig wgnet0 -alias inet ${ip4.addr} ${ip4.addr}";

Keeping track of what requirements different interfaces might need is a
potential can of worms beyond the scope of jail(8).

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