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*||Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CFP||*

*10th ‘International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication
Technologies’ [10th ICACCT**TM **2016] 18th-20thNovember, 2016, APIIT SD
INDIA PANIPAT 132103 Haryana, India. ***

Significant research contributing to the fields of ‘*Advanced Computing and
Communication Technologies**’* on a wide range of research topics
spanning  theoretical
, systems and applications are solicited for presentation at 10th ICACCTTM2016
Conference. In addition to regular Keynote Addresses, Technical Sessions,
Plenary Session and Workshops, a Theme Session at the Conference would
address ‘*Computational Intelligence’*. Contributions to the ‘*Case
Studies’*  that could provide insights on best practices for  using and
enhancing advanced computing systems, services, and facilities are also
invited. Review papers are not acceptable.



*18th November – 20th November, 2016*



*SUNDAY5thAugust, 2016*


*FRIDAY,** 21st October, 2016*



*[image: Inline image 1]*


*Lalit M. Patnaik**, Adjunct Faculty,*

*National Institute of Advanced Studies, B’lore&*

*Hony. Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560012 India*


*Swapan K.Basu*

*Dept. of Computer Science,*

*Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 221005 India*


* Ramesh K. Choudhary,*

*Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology,*

*Panipat, 132103 India*

*Jyotsna K. Mandal*

*Dept. of Computer Science &Engineering,*

*Kalyani University, Kalyani, 741235 India*

*Dhananjay Bhattacharyya,*

*Computational Science Division,*

*Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, DAE, *

*Calcutta 700064 India*

*Topics of interest, but not limited to *

*I.  Advanced Computing*

*Theoretical Computer Science &Algorithms: Limits** to Computation,
Sequential Algorithms, NP Hard Problems, Cryptography, Computational
Geometry, Metaheuristic Algorithms.*

*Hardware Architecture & Networks *: *Processor Architecture , GPUs, VLSI
Design , Multicore Architectures ,High Precision Computing, High
Performance Networks and Protocols,InfiniBand,Myrinet;  Power-efficient,
resilient,  embedded , reconfigurable architectures, *

*System Software: SMP**& DSM Systems, Scheduling, Real Time Systems,
Resource Management, **Techniques for Power, Energy and Temperature Control**
in HPC.*

*Programming Systems & Software Engineering: Language** Design, Type
Theory, Program Analysis, Logics, Semantics, Automata Theory, Software
Processes Optimization, Compilers, and Environments. *

*Parallel & Distributed Computing: Cluster**, Grid, Cloud Computing,
Parallel Algorithm Design, Implicit and Explicit Parallelization, Open MP,

*Data Analytics, Visualization and Storage: Data** Compression**, **Computer
Vision, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence, NLP, DSP, Speech
Processing, Medical Imaging, High Performance Storage Systems.*

*Computational Intelligence: .**Neural Networks, Simulated Annealing,
Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Programming, Hybrid
Intelligent System. *

*Performance Analysis: Measurement**, Simulation, Analytical
Modelling, **Methodologies,
Metrics and formalisms for performance analysis, Benchmarking Techniques,
NPB.3.x *

*Applications: Computational** Biology & Structural Bioinformatics,
Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Computational Medicine & Bioengineering,
Macromolecular Structures, Ocean &Atmospheric Modelling, Computational
Chemistry, Exa-Scale Applications.*

*Emerging Technologies: Compressed** Sensing, Exact Matrix Completion,
Neuromorphic Technology, Quantum Error Correction, Quantum Computing:
Physical Realisation.*

*II.   **Communication Technologies*

*Information Theory and Coding ,Router and Switch Design , Scheduling &
Buffer Management, Short Range Technologies, RFID Networks and Protocols ,
Satellite and Space Communication ,Space Surveillance Systems , Wireless
Communication , Mesh and Adhoc Networks, Wireless Security & Privacy , QOS
and Resource Management , Communications Software , Sensor Networks and
Embedded Systems, Fibre Technology and Systems , MIMO Communication in
Computer Networks , Virtual and Overlay Networks ,Fault Tolerance ,
Reliability ,Congestion Control ,Information Security and Privacy ,Internet
Security, Cyber Security, Wireless Body Area Sensor Network, Applications **:
Supply Chain & Logistics Management; *

*III.   **Electrical , Electronics & Mechatronics Engineering*

*Control Systems, Epigenetic Robotics, Intelligent Antennae, Industrial
Automation and MES, Microelectronics, Circuits & Systems, Intelligent
Embedded Systems*

A submission should report an original, previously unpublished research
that is not being concurrently considered elsewhere for publication in a
journal or conference, *written in English*. Electronic version of the *paper
must be submitted only in pdf,* no other format will be accepted. *The
papers should be strictly limited to **8** pages (up to **2** extra pages
is permitted with extra page charges payable at the time of registration)*. The
page limit includes title page, references, figures, and tables.  All
figures should be in B/W.

*Plagiarism MUST be avoided while preparing the paper. The papers would be
initially scanned for similarity index [SI] before undergoing the review
process. Maximum acceptable SI is 20% scattered over the paper. **Simultaneous
submission of the same paper or submission of a published/submitted paper
with **considerable overlap **is strictly prohibited** as it leads to
SI report and copyright violation.*

*Proceedings of 10th ICACCT 2016 will be published **by Springer Science+
Business Media Singapore Pte. Ltd, Singapore.*


1         *1. All papers will undergo double blind review process after
initial scrutiny. Papers not conforming** to the ‘Springer Proceedings
Macros’ or having more than 20% Similarity Index will be rejected**.*

2         Names and Affiliations of the authors must *NOT* be included anywhere
in the paper during the initial submission.For the peer review purpose,
self-references are *NOT* permitted. If the author needs to refer his/her
own paper the reference *MUST *be made in third person. Any attempt to
reveal author details and affiliation at the time of initial submission
will lead to rejection of the paper without further processing.

3         Authors of all accepted papers must register* AT FULL
REGISTRATION RATE**.*The accepted paper must be presented at the conference
as per the program schedule to be uploaded in the website on or before 7th
November, 2016.

4         *Formatting instructions: Available in directory.*

5       Authors of presented papers will be required to submit final
manuscript with revisions as suggested by the reviewers on or before 5th
December, 2016. The publisher may scrutiny the submitted paper
usingiThenticate®for SI. *The Editorial Board is responsible for
correctness of the manuscript including content, language, formal
presentation and completeness. Editorial Board is also responsible for
ensuring that the content of each contribution meet the designated
requirements of the publisher. *Editorial Board or the Publisher’s decision
would be final.

6        Proofs are sent to enable Editor and authors to check that the MSS
has been properly set in type and to allow the Editor to correct any
typesetter’s or illustrator’s errors. In case authors make additional
changes that lead to additional cost for the publisher, and if such cost
exceeds 10% of total cost of typesetting (or reproduction in case of
illustrations) they will be borne by the authors prior to publication.

*7       *The papers would be reformatted by the publisher, if the page
layout is not conforming to the Springer’s layout.If number of pages
increases after reformatting, the authors have to pay extra charges prior
to publication.

MAY, 2016.*


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*+91 180 6532444, +91 180 6532555*

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