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Contract Sysadmin Opportunity - Chelmsford, MA

James Snow-6
Hello FreeBSD-jobs,

Desktone ( is seeking a contract systems administrator
to handle day-to-day sysadmin duties as well as some systems projects.
The environment you will have responsibility for is a mix of FreeBSD and
Ubuntu Linux, but we deliver a Windows solution so being comfortable in
a Windows environment is important.

The ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years of experience as a Unix
Systems Administrator, as well as experience with a majority of the

* FreeBSD
* Linux (Ubuntu or Debian preferred)
* Samba
* VMware ESX
* High-end NAS appliances (e.g., Netapp, BlueArc, Isilon)
* Perl or Bourne shell scripting
* Monitoring & alerting tools (e.g., Cacti, Nagios)

Major pluses:

* Experience in a Java environment
* Experience with JBoss
* Experience supporting a team of developers

Please, local candidates only.  No telecommuters.  You must be willing
to work daylight hours in our offices in Chelmsford, MA.

To apply, please send resume, hourly rate, and availability to
[hidden email].

For more information about Desktone, visit


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