Diff Location for Next Week's Manchester BSD UG

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Diff Location for Next Week's Manchester BSD UG

Paul Robinson-4
Please note that the Manchester BSD User Group next Tuesday has a  
slightly different format.

Some of us are heading to the Turing Lecture beforehand:


Feel free to register even if you're not a student, staff or member of  
the BCS.

We will then head to the Sandbar for the regular meeting at around  
19:00, NOT the Briton's Protection. Sandbar used to be our regular  
place to meet, but if people are confused about where they're heading  
or can't find their way to Grosvenor Street (note Google maps lies  
about the location of Sandbar, it's near the Deaf Institute), please  
let me know and we'll talk you in. :-)

This is planned as a one-off, and we'll return to the Briton's  
Protection in March.

Hope to see you all there,

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