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Experienced IT Professional -- Will Consider Relocation

Samuel Winful
Hello All!

Currently, I reside in Northern New Jersey, but will consider
opportunities in other locations for relocation.

I am a personable and highly motivated information technology
professional. I have experience within the financial industry
with over 6 years of experience in Systems/Network
Administration and over 4 years of software development with
C++ and Tcl/Tk within the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA). I am looking for a new career path in a dynamic, fast
pace environment where I can add to and gain additional
experience while contributing to the excellence of your team
and overall business.

My most recent and notable work include, among others:

  + Deploying Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) in a heterogeneous
      mixture of Unix machines allowing for a Unified environment
      with Windows Active Directory.

  + Migrating network firewall (Netscreen-25) to two Juniper
      SSG-320's in an NSRP cluster for high network availability.
      And, deploying company wide Juniper's SecureAccess VPN/SSL
      appliance allowing for two-form factor authentication with
      Safeword Secure tokens.

  + FTP replacement allowing secure transfers of sensitive
      information over HTTPS using Apache and WebDAV on FreeBSD.

  + Network and Host based monitoring of over 100 Unix and
      Windows workstations and servers, company wide using Naiogs &

  + Developed an in-house RubyOnRails web application for the
      PC-Team to managing hardware inventory, while keeping track of
      employee associations of laptop's, PDA, etc...

  + GNUmakefile that can be used as a more convenient way then
      the OpenSSL-supplied CA.pl for certificate generation. It
      can pick up from where it was interrupted, or package the
      existing certificates into new formats.

  + Configured and optimized Oracle 10g, Sybase ASE-12.X on
      x86, Sparc hardware for use with industry leading financial

  + In charge of ordering, configuring and maintaining the
      following systems:

       - Sun Solaris (5.X) & Hardware (M4000, V4[49]0, V890,
          V40Z, X4600, X4200) IBM AIX (5.X, 6.X) on pSeries
          POWER5+ Windows Administration.

Yet, found time to schedule, take and pass the recently
offered BSDA Certification Exam last month (10/2008).

Thank you & Best Regards,
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