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Failed install gobject-introspection

Martin Stachura
Good morning,

I am linux/unix administrator, and i have problem with install
munin-master-2.0.47, because the one of dependencies is
gobject-introspection-1.56.1,1, that ending with error. The error is:

"girepository/girepository.c:181:56: error: use of undeclared identifier
           custom_dirs = g_strsplit (type_lib_path_env,

I tryed this: "portsnap fetch update; cd
/usr/ports/devel/gobject-introspection; make clean; make install". But
It is ending with this error.

I install package over ports tree, and the system is FreeBSD
11.2-RELEASE-p9. In attachment is log from install port.

Please, can you help me.

Thank you, Stachura Martin.

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