FreeBSD/Network administrator position at Three Rings Design

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FreeBSD/Network administrator position at Three Rings Design

Nick Barkas-4
I currently am employed by Three Rings Design, an online game company
based in San Francisco, as an infrastructure engineer and systems
administrator. We are looking for someone new to join our
infrastructure team doing much of the same type of work as I do now:
systems and network administration, as well as a bit of software
engineering. Three Rings provides a great working environment:
excellent people, very cool office, lots of fun, and opportunities to
spend a good portion of your time working on open source projects. In
addition to bug fixes/improvements submitted to the FreeBSD project,
here are some of the open source software projects started at Three
Rings by our infrastructure team:


Our office is located in San Francisco, California, and this position
will be based there as well. Here is the full job description (from

Three Rings seeks a senior UNIX/network Administrator to join our
Infrastructure Team. You will be involved in maintaining our current
production and corporate systems as well as engineering new
infrastructure and software to address our ongoing needs. This
includes, but is not limited to: security, network capacity planning,
network design (LAN/WAN), hardware and software maintenance, ongoing
network configuration management, and ownership of all networking and
related hardware - routers, switches, firewalls, server load
balancers. If you are a connoisseur of open source who likes to dig in
and get things done, then this will be your dream job.


* Install and configure hardware in the production environment.
* Install and configure network monitoring, trending and reporting.
* Monitor and respond to production system emergencies.
* Work on a range of Network, Security and Unix System projects.
* Take an active role in our corporate software projects, from our web
sites (Java) to our OpenVPN LDAP authenticator (Objective-C).
* Interface with open source projects, fixing bugs and adding features
as necessary.
* Work closely with the engineering teams on Layer 4-7 design and
* Maintain production operations documentation.


* Must be intimately familiar with 4.4BSD derived operating systems.
* Experience with scripting and high-level languages.
* Extensive knowledge of networks and routing protocols.
* Experience in maintaining production commercial networks.
* Familiarity using LDAP for authentication/authorization.
* Understanding of firewall design, implementation and security techniques.
* Experience with secure mail server design, jabber administration,
dns administration, apache, etc.
* Knowledge of load balancing and content switching.
* Knowledge of Monitoring frameworks such as Nagios, cacti or Hyperic.
* Willingness to fully document all systems and code.
* Love for solving problems and being part of a World class team.

Bonus Knowledge Points:

* Extensive knowledge of a higher-level language, such as Perl,
Python, Tcl, Objective-C, Java or Ruby.
* Practical knowledge of SQL, and an appreciation of ACID-compliant
database systems.
* In-depth understanding of x509 Infrastructure and LDAP authentication.
* Experience with CFEngine.
* Experience with Virtualization (Xen, Amazon's EC2 and S3).

To Apply:

Please apply via email to [hidden email] including:

* Your resume in plain text in the body of the message. You may also
include a PDF document, but no other attachments, please.
* A Wild West subject line. Just so we know that you're paying
attention, pardner.
* Any URLs with descriptions where we can peruse some of your work.
Personal projects, open-source contributions, CVSweb entries, mailing
list posts, and bug reports are good candidates for inclusion.

Short-listed candidates will be asked to complete a paid 'challenge' assignment.

About Three Rings' infrastructure team:

The Infrastructure team plays an key role in the maintenance and
expansion of our game environments. Working closely with the platform
and game groups, the Infrastructure team takes the lead in developing
strategies to continue the rapid expansion of our gaming playing
audience, an audience already measured in the hundreds of thousands.

The Infrastructure team works across a variety of platforms with a
strong emphasis on BSD.

Typical projects handled by Infrastructure include:

* Implementing software solutions to automate infrastructure management.
* Creating new build and deployment tools.
* Working with external open-source projects to implement new features.
* Managing the physical deployment of our servers and hardware.
* We are a company committed to engineering excellence. We consider
this the single defining feature of our business. We also recognize
that engineering excellence is sharpened by new and exciting
challenges. As we grow and expand the services we offer, we expect our
Infrastructure group will continue to handle new and exiting projects.
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