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Bryan Drewery-6
We are trying something different for 9.2. Instead of placing a freeze
or slush on HEAD, we will just create a branch and leave HEAD alone. The
idea is to lessen the long freeze/slush on head and move us towards
quicker ports releases.

This branch will be created on August 12th. Please be cautious with the
tree until then so it remains stable. Normally we would make this an
official slush period, but we are behind schedule on this and have not
given enough notice.

The 9.2 branch will be frozen [1]. Only license, build, security and
critical fixes will be allowed in the 9.2 branch. All changes must be
approved by portmgr@ to the branch with a commit line of:

    Approved by: portmgr (name)

This may require slight rework of patches when applied to the branch as
it may deviate far from head. The idea is to apply the minimal amount of
changes to the branch to stabilize and secure it.

Portmgr will have no sweeping slush policy on head, but other teams may
wish to enact such a policy on their ports. I.e., kde or gnome ports may
want to have a slush to make their job easier should a large security
update come out during the rc2->release phase. We leave that to
individual teams.


* We will copy /head to /branches/RELENG_9_2_0 on August 12th
* HEAD is open to all commits (no slush or sweeping policy)
* Only portmgr-approved changes may go into /branches/ under the
frozen tree policy [1]
* Only license, build, security and critical fixes are allowed
* Packages will be built from /branches/RELENG_9_2_0

[1] http://www.freebsd.org/portmgr/policies_committing.html

Bryan Drewery, on behalf of portmgr

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