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[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] [HEADS UP] Maintainers will receive emails about their ports failing to build

Bryan Drewery-6
Hi porters,

FreeBSD 10 is fast approaching and many ports fail to build due to clang
and other changes in HEAD. Not all maintainers are aware their ports
fail to build. In the past we have manually sent failing build logs to
maintainers and committers.

Starting September 4th, we will start automatically sending weekly
failing port build logs directly to maintainers. The emails are trimmed
in the middle so you do not receive multi-MB emails. It will have a link
at the top for the full log.

Mailing list maintainers will not be receiving these emails.

If you do not want to maintain a port anymore, please just open a PR to
release it at http://www.freebsd.org/send-pr.html, but we encourage you
to stay involved :)

You can get ahead of this by fixing your ports before September 4th by

We are building up the infrastructure and tools to handle weekly
automated builds of PkgNG packages. Part of this effort has been to
increase visibility of broken ports by posting failed build logs to
[hidden email]. This only works if you are following the list
and happen to see your port fly by in the flood of emails.

The advantage of the FreeBSD build cluster is that we have the scope of
testing the port on all supported FreeBSD branches and multiple
architectures. You can do this yourself as well with www.redports.org.

If a port is failing on an architecture that it is not designed for, use
ONLY_FOR_ARCHS/NOT_FOR_ARCHS to exclude it from building on that arch.
It is reasonable to open a PR to mark a port as BROKEN as well as you
seek a solution. Preferably only BROKEN on the release/arch it fails to
build on. It is also reasonable to poke ports@ if your PR is not getting
enough attention.

Thank you for all your work,
Bryan Drewery
on behalf of portmgr@

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