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[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] [HEADSUP] New pkg-devel 1.1.0 beta1

Baptiste Daroussin-2

The pkg developement team is proud to announce the new 1.1.0 beta1 release of

Here is the list of new features that happened in pkg 1.1:
- new simpler and more reliable solver
- shared libraries are now always tracked
- ssh:// is supported as a protocol to distribute packages (needs pkg 1.1+ on
  the server hosting the packages)
- multirepository is no longer considered experimental and works by default.
- incremental update of the catalog (only if the repository was created by pkg
- simplification of the public API
- stabilisation of the public API (we will now try to keep it stable and if
  change are needed there will be deprecation time before removal of some old
- new experimental pkg convert (can convert from and to legacy pkg database)
  pkg2ng now uses pkg convert (still recommanded to use pkg2ng)
- new pkg lock/unlock to prevent any manipulation of a given package (no
- improved UI (now you can see the progress of an upgrade what is left to be
- new pkg annotation to allow one to add annotations (free form key/value) to a
- pkg audit is now able to directly parse the vuxml native format and not only
  the compact version
- pkg -vv now shows all available options and their current settings
- pkg -vvv now shows a description of all the available options
- pkg info now automatically considers the query as globbing if * is in the
  requested pattern
- new hook plugin interface (allows users to create hooks that get called at
  anytime during and upgrade/installation/deletion of a package)
- new cmd plugin interface (allows users to create new sub command available for
- pkg register can now register a port installation in the legacy database
- repository can be defined in simple yaml files

- massive usage of hash tables (uthash), which simplifies a lot of the code,
  and improves performances
- lots of optimisation in plist and manifest parsing
- lots of optimisation in loading packages (mmap used when possible)
- lots of cleanup in memory usage
- regression test framework is now ready (using atf) regression test are slowly
  being added and populated.

To use this new version:
  Ports users (or in building factories: poudriere/tinderbox):
    Add WITH_PKGNG=devel to your make.conf
    pkg set -o ports-mgmt/pkg:ports-mgmt/pkg-devel

  Binary package users, if the remote repository is providing pkg 1.1:
    pkg set -o ports-mgmt/pkg:ports-mgmt/pkg-devel
    pkg upgrade

Note that pkg 1.1 can use a repository created for pkg 1.0 and vis versa.

Huge thanks to all the people that have contributed to the pkg developement:
- may that be by code
- documentation
- bug report
- feedback
- ideas

List of people who contributed code:
Baptiste Daroussin, Matthew Seaman, Bryan Drewery, Vsevolod Stakhov,
Marin Atanasov Nikolov, Alexandre Perrin, Romain Tartière, Julien Laffaye,
Glen Barber, John Marino, Alex Kozlov, Roman Naumann, Sofian Brabez,
Alberto Villa, Will Andrews, Eitan Adler, Dan McGregor, namor, niamtokik,
Arthur Gautier, Garrett Cooper, Andrew Turner, Jeremy Chadwick,
Hajimu UMEMOTO, Mark Lokowich, Eygene Ryabinkin, Pietro Cerutti,
Rolf Grossmann, Ed Schouten, Dimitry Andric, David Forsythe, Stefan Grundmann,
Craig Rodrigues, Antoine Brodin, Andrey Zonov, Joel Dahl

Stats between 1.0 and 1.1:
287 files changed, 63418 insertions(+), 18763 deletions(-)

1198 commits


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