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[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] New 2014Q4 branch

Baptiste Daroussin-2
Hi all,

The 2014Q4 branch has just been branched and the package builder has been
updated to use that branch meaning that the next update on the quarterly
packages will be on the 2014Q4 branch

What happen during the last 3 months:
- 160 committers have participated
- 9557 commits
- diffstat says: 34901 files changed, 972954 insertions(+), 1002458 deletions(-)

What does that means for users:
- pkg got updated to 1.3.8
- Some new keywords: @rmtry, @shared-mime-info, @desktop-file-utils
- All the ports tree is now supporting and only supporting STAGEDIR aka DESTDIR
  in other package building systems
- New USES: autoreconf, execinfo, pear, horde, python
- Removed USES: zenoss
- TeXlive has been update to 2014 version
- TeTeX has been removed
- Default gcc is now 4.8
- Linux emulation can now use centos6 packages
- Mate desktop has been updated to 1.8
- php 5.6 has been added
- pkg_install support has been removed
- xorg 1.12 is the Xorg version for the full 10 branch
- Default apache version is 2.4
- Default berkeley DB is now version 5
- Firefox is now 32.0
- Firefox-esr is now 31.1
- Chrome is 37.0.2062.124
- Massive improvement of the usage of libtool (which reduces a lot

Next package building will start on Wednesday 8th at 1 am and should be
available on your closest mirrors few days after that.

Bapt (on behalf of portmgr)

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