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[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] New 2016Q4 branch

René Ladan

The 2016Q4 branch has been created. It means that the next update on the
quarterly packages will be on the 2016Q4 branch.

A lot of things happened in the last three months:
- pkg 1.8.7
- New USES: grantlee kde linux
- Removed USES: (none)
- New keywords: javavm
- Removed keywords: (none)
- Default version of linux added as c6
New versions of some important ports:
- Firefox 49.0
- Firefox-esr 45.4.0esr
- Chromium 52.0.2743.116
- gcc 4.8.5
Some major behind-the-scene changes:
- PHP extensions now install their own .ini in /usr/local/etc/php
- new GH_SUBDIR variable for USE_GITHUB
- NONE license and full support for Creative Commons licenses added

Next quarterly package builds will start on Tuesday, October 4th and
should be available on your closest mirrors few days later.

For those stat nerds out there, here's what happened during the last 3
months on head:
Number of commits: 5018
Number of committers:      159
Most active committers:
 459  amdmi3
 428  marino
 263  pawel
 216  pi
 213  olgeni
 204  mat
 152  jbeich
 146  antoine
 138  wen
 133  feld
Diffstat: 15202 files changed, 233780 insertions(+), 205572 deletions(-)

and on the 2016Q3 branch:
Number of commits: 277
Number of committers:       56
Most active committers:
  36  feld
  32  jbeich
  16  brnrd
  15  mat
  15  junovitch
  12  tz
  10  rakuco
  10  pi
   9  koobs
   8  riggs
Diffstat: 866 files changed, 13781 insertions(+), 6368 deletions(-)


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