[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] Parallel python package support with pkg

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[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] Parallel python package support with pkg

Marcus von Appen-2
Dear all,

the pkg team created something outstanding with pkg 1.3, which you might have
missed. Since version 1.3, pkg supports the installation of packages, which
share the same origin (location in the ports tree), but have different package

In practice, this means that you can install e.g. a python module for two
different Python versions at the same time with pkg now (a last fix for it was
provided on August, the 8th, for the ports, so make sure to update your ports
tree beforehand).

To install a python module for different Python version, you just have to
provide PYTHON_VERSION=pythonX.Y at the command line:

  # go to py-tkinter
  $ cd /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/py-tkinter

  # install it for the default python (2.7)
  $ make install clean

  # install it for python 3.3, too
  $ make PYTHON_VERSION=python3.3 install clean

  # check the installed packages
  $ pkg info \*tkinter

Please note, that this will not work for all python ports yet. Those, which
install conflicting files (most often applications or configuration files),
will still create a conflict. If you need to offer that specific port for
different python versions at the same time, you may want to follow up with the
maintainer and our python team.

If you are a maintainer and wish to enable your port for different python
versions, but something blocks you, get in touch with our python team for

You can find our contact details at https://wiki.freebsd.org/Python.

Marcus on behalf of python@

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