FreeBSD SysAdmin part time position opening in Berkeley CA

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FreeBSD SysAdmin part time position opening in Berkeley CA

Sean J. Schluntz

I'm searching for candidates to replace me in a part time contract gig I no
longer have the time to support. It is the non-profit radio station KPFA
and I average 4 hours a week. Most of the work is remote and can be done on
your own schedule, but it would need to be a SF Bay Area person so they
could respond in the case of system failure. Most of the systems are 5
blocks from downtown Berkeley BART and there is one colo server in the SF
Bay Area.

I took over the environment about 6 months ago, so I've been documenting
what is there but don't know everything by a long shot. I'll hand over all
documentation I've created so far and won't be disappearing so whoever
takes over the role can reach out if they have questions.

The systems I work with most are FreeBSD 7.4 and 8.4. Due to FCC
regulations some of the boxes need to be online during specific hours (when
new content is being broadcast) so upgrading them will require building a
new system, porting the tools and then switching over. It's something I've
investigated but not had the time to address. There is one Ubuntu box I
work with, but it's primary job is to be a desktop and host USB drives for

The person would need to know:

   - Standard networking (routing IP to multiple subnets)
   - FreeBSD 7, 8
   - Linux (generic)
   - Good enough at the following investigate issues and help/be hands on
   for external developers
      - Apache
      - PHP
      - MySQL
   - Firewalls
      - Cisco ASA (multiple zones, NAT, basic client VPN)
      - IPFW
   - Creating and maintaining jails.
   - Generic info
      - rsync is used heavily
      - Custom Perl and sh scripts to capture / convert audio and log data
      (primarily sh)
      - gmirror
      - nfs

Most of the servers are monolithic, but there are a couple that run jails,
primarily the colo server which uses them to separate services / web sites.

If this doesn't look like a full job description, that's because it isn't.
It's what I've discovered while working. There is plenty of work to be done
and flexibility with the organization. Many things I've discovered are in
place due to limitations of funds or technology (like having backups spread
across NFS, most of which I've cleaned up by replacing drives). Then there
are the new projects that need to be done, like building new audio capture
computers that can replace the old systems with SoundBlaster cards (all of
the USB A->D boxes tried so far don't cut it).

Reach out to me if you are interested and we can talk, if it seems like a
good fit I'll be happy to introduce you to the manager.

Sean J. Schluntz
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