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FreeBSD current: ZFS root mounted readonly at boot

Michael Schuster
Hi all,

I have a laptop with 12.2 RELEASE (ghostbsd) where I build CURRENT and
install it into a separate boot environment (described in the thread
"Recipe for compiling and installing CURRENT on 12.x RELEASE in a seperate
boot env?" on questions@).
After initial difficulties, all zfs datasets I want mounted actually are
mounted at boot time, but "/" is mounted read-only, which causes a few
error messages in the log(s) and, I suspect, the failure of X to start at
boot (I can log in on a text console and run startx fine).

What I don't understand (and to which I haven't found anything helpful nor
current despite some effort) is this:

$ zfs get all $ROOT | grep readonly
$ROOT readonly              on

(changing this property - either when booted from this BE or from a 12.2 BE
- doesn't change this behaviour at next boot).

What can I do to change this? This behaviour is not visible in 12.2

Michael Schuster
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