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FreeBSD programmer wanted

My name is Michael Dean, CEO of SourceView Corporation, 716 Alhambra
Ave., Martinez, CA 94553 (925)284-8439 (message phone) email:
[hidden email], I am seeking a FreeBSD programmer/systems analyst
to complete a commercial computer appliance which will include freebsd7
along with a variety of other BSD/Apache/MIT programs.  We want to find
someone who will work for stock options and the love of the BSD but we
are open to joint ventures, contract employment, etc.

The desired appliance and integrated application software will be
virtualized, use XFS and ZFS, with the majority of OS burnt onto
silicon.  We dub this appliance: XN1.

We need 3 varieties of this software:
1. a reference boot disk with everything on it, but just for a known
limited set of device drivers and one CPU.  Our choice   for the CPU is
the new AMD chipset.
2. a SAAS version, which may be accessed in its entirety by our own
special client super-browser.
3. a generaL reference boot disk for legacy computers and both AMD and
Intel CPU's.

Vision.  To create a low cost computer appliance focused, oriented, and
optimized for the special needs and imperatives of small to medium
enterprises (SME) worldwide.  This appliance would be the Rosetta Stone
of computing, in that the users within a SME would not need to learn
technical information, would not need to worry about security issues,
and could interact within a meta virtual community of fellow business

Branding.  In order to differentiate this appliance in the marketplace,
we intend to rename all of the components with our own trademarks. We
believe that to do this is essential in order to survive as a profitable
enterprise.  All of our trademarked components will give homage to their

Ownership.  We believe, in a fundamental way, that the SME who purchases
our appliance OWNs it! They may use it or dispose of it as they see
fit.  In the spirit of this belief, we provide owner modifiable splash
screens.  In other words, when a system is booted, a splash screen  with
the OWNERS name and message will appear!

We invite interested parties worldwide to respond to this request with
their CV/resumes and an expression of what it is that would excite them
to participate.
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