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FreeBSD sysadmin looking for work (Orlando, telecommute)

David Raistrick-3

My last job just moved to Long Island without me.   Anyone need a sysadmin
or network engineer?   Telecommute or Orlando Florida area.  Open to short
travel projects as well.

Email if you are interested or have any pointers. ;)  [hidden email]

- Network and Systems Architect -

I analyze and diagnose troubled networks and redesign them to be
efficient, reliable, and scalable. What I bring to systems and network
design is the knowledge that each component is part of the system-users,
applications, software, developers, and hardware-and every one has to be
taken into account.

- Skills And Qualifications -

* 10+ years in networking and systems.
* Rapidly fire-fight in unfamiliar environments.
* Support developers to ensure that software, network and system work
* SAGE Level III systems administrator and charter member of LOPSA.
* Operating Systems: UNIX (FreeBSD, BSDi, BSD/OS, Mac OS X), Linux (Red
Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows XP/2000/2003, and others.
Network Products: Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, and HP routers and switches;
Trango and other wireless gear; Cisco PIX and ASA, WatchGuard, SonicWALL,
NetScreen, Fortinet, GNAT Box, SnapGear firewalls; CacheFlow cache
engines; Acucomm DSLAMS; Foundry ServerIron, F5 BigIP, and Cisco CSS load
balancers, Internap FCP route controller.
* Network Technologies: BGP, RIP, OSPF, RADIUS, DNS (BIND, djbdns), ATM.
* Email: Email servers (qmail, Sendmail, NTMail, IMail), mailing list
managers (ezmlm, Smartlist, Majordomo), AV/AS (F-Prot, AntiVir, Sophos,
Kaspersky, AMaViS, SpamAssassin, Commtouch, Mailshell), development of
GNAT Box Mail Sentinel, Courier IMAP.
* Programming/Scripting Languages: Shell (sh, tcsh, bash, ksh), awk/sed,
PHP, Perl, Python.
* Backups: Amanda, rsync, Retrospect, bacula.
* Web: Apache, PHP, CacheFlow, RT, ColdFusion, JRun, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat,
DBRocket DBML, Microsoft IIS.
* Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Filemaker, MS SQL Server, Oracle.
* Storage: SAN (FibreChannel and iSCSI), NFS using EMC, Pillar, Brocade,
Dell hardware.
* Virtualization: VMware Virtual Infrastructure, VMware ESX, VMware
Server, Xen hypervisor.

- Related Experience -

  Systems Administrator / Network Engineer July 2007 -
  NeuLion and JumpTV Inc., Sanford FL

Performed role of both Systems Administrator and Network Engineer as
needed, focusing on revamping and stabilizing the server and network
infrastructure. Team lead for four sysadmins and one DBA, manager for one
network engineer.

With my team, maintain an environment of 250 servers in seven colocation
facilities, supporting a complex website and content management
infrastructure that serves several hundred college athletic department
websites, streaming video, and the online television portal.
Maintain streaming video content delivery network (CDN) for JumpTV's
online television platform.

Configure and debug Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls, Cisco CSS, and F5 BigIP
load balancers.

Architected expansion of one site to 19 racks including cooling, space,
and power budgets, including fully redundant core and internal network
with diverse internet transit connections.

Initiated push for virtualization of server environment, with one third of
the servers converted to virtual servers.

Maintained peering (BGP) relationships at the TorIX in Toronto, Any2
Exchange in Los Angeles, LINX in London, Equinix in Ashburn, and NAP of
the Americas in Miami.

Built extensive monitoring and statistics gathering system to warn of
failures and provide scaling data.

Built central script toolkit for maintenance of system that works with
unique environment features.

Assisted with phone system consolidation, moving from a mix of Cisco and
3com to an Asterisk open source solution.

Initiated Operations and Development documentation repository (wiki) using

Researched and documented system, network, and software architecture for
complex 100-server web application using Red Hat, CentOS, Apache, Tomcat,
ColdFusion, DBML, and Oracle.

Built a trouble ticket tracking system for the Operations team using OTRS.

  Network Engineer / Systems Administrator December 2005 -
July 2007
  SKYRIM Inc., Daytona Beach FL

Designed a network for a wireless ISP start-up and built a team to install
and maintain it.

Designed two-city metro Wi-Fi network.

Designed, built, and deployed PtMP network for wireless ISP using Cisco,
Extreme and Trango.

Researched and selected transit providers, colocation facilities, and
tower sites.

Initiated company-wide documentation project using pbwiki.

Hired and managed systems administrator and installation technicians.

Performed systems administration of FreeBSD, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows
2003 Servers.

  Network Architect/Engineer July 2005 - December 2005
  PowerCentric Software Inc., Orlando FL

Working with the development team, specified a detailed system and network
architecture to meet the reliability, redundancy, and availability
requirements for the design of web-based software for the insurance

Proposed network designs, specified desktop and network hardware for
development office.

Researched network and database security requirements for SOX and HIPAA.

Outlined office and test lab environments.

Installed Windows 2003 Servers with JBoss Java Application Server,
BlueDragon, and IIS.

Installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux with JBoss, BlueDragon, and Apache.

  Systems Administrator December 2001 - July 2005
  Global Technology Associates, Inc., Orlando FL

Maintained and upgraded 11 FreeBSD servers, three Windows 2000/XP servers,
and a mix of FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac OS9 workstations.
Configured, maintained, and upgraded three Cisco routers and three
production GNAT Box firewalls, including four High Availability firewall
pairs. Responsible for configuration and performance testing competitor
firewalls including Cisco PIX, Watchguard, SonicWall, and NetScreen. Wrote
design specifications and performed Quality Assurance testing on prototype
hardware. Responsible for all internal and external DNS using BIND and

Built a IPv6 firewall using ipf and an IPv6 lab network for use by the
development department using IPv6 routing, subnetting, and firewalls.

Designed distributed and highly available network and systems
infrastructure for Surf Sentinel content filtering. Worked with
development to ensure software functions were compatible with the network
and system architecture.

Provided significant input into the design and feature set for the Mail
Sentinel AV/AS email proxy. Researched, evaluated, and benchmarked AV and
AS SDKs from vendors, providing data that aided in the selection of

Installed a second T1, configured BGP, procured an ASN from ARIN,
registered route objects, and performed BGP tuning to balance traffic.

Designed a company-wide backup system using Amanda, including extensions
to maintain 10 days of firewall configurations.

Developed a simple High Availability solution for corporate webserver and
database server utilizing VRRP.

Upgraded existing mailservers and mailing lists to qmail and ezmlm-idx.

Redesigned and updated mailing list archives and implemented MnogoSearch
for archives and website.

Installed spam and virus filtering using qmail-scanner, f-prot, and
SpamAssassin. Customized qmail-scanner to redirect tagged spam in
accordance with evolving company policy.

Installed SSL web-based email for traveling employees using SquirrelMail.

  Systems Administrator (Contract) 2001 - 2004
  Atlasta Networks, Seattle WA

Sendmail, BIND and Apache configuration and maintenance under FreeBSD and
BSDi. Machine upkeep, and installation and repair of software for clients.

  Systems Administrator (Volunteer) 1998 - present

Hardware and software installation, configuration, and maintenance of a
FreeBSD 4.3-R server running Apache, qmail, ezmlm-idx, and procmail
serving a hobbyist mailing list with 1500+ subscribers and associated

Senior Network Engineer/Systems Administrator June 2000 - April 2001
Digital Wireless Communications, Savannah GA

Supported and maintained two Metropolitan Area Networks, customers, and
all related equipment, 24x7. Responsible for DNS and emails servers. Built
a web-based email interface for customers. Managed three technicians and
an admin.

Designed and planned migration to a dynamic multi-homed network including
three diverse DS3s, BGP, and OSPF.

Deployed aDSL through BellSouth.

Designed ATM nationwide network using PPPoEoA across dynamically deployed
Adaptive Broadband radios for last mile.

Designed, configured and deployed Adaptive Broadband ATM topology wireless
routers and bridges using both CLIP routing and RFC1483 bridging in two

Designed and installed a streaming audio and video server using FreeBSD,
Apache, and RealServer 7.

Configured, monitored, and maintained multiple Cisco 7206VXRs, 2600
series, and 1600 series routers, as well as Acucomm iDAC DSLAMs and iRACER
DSL Modems.

Installed, planned and programmed wireless WANs using BreezeAccess
Ethernet bridges, Wireless-Inc WaveNet 2458 wireless routers, Wireless-Inc
N2X/WaveEX wireless bridges.

Instituted a complete network status and stability monitoring system using
a combination of Big Brother and MRTG.

Configured and installed two CacheFlow cache engines in a forward/reverse
proxy setup using WCCP.

Recommended email virus scrubbing system using AmaVis, AntiVir, and

  Systems Administrator (Contract) 1998 - 2001
  Digital-Galaxy Networks, Seattle WA

Maintained and administered BSDi and FreeBSD 3.X servers.

  Network Engineer 1997 - 1999
  Atlasta Networks, Grovetown GA

Designed and configured a dialup ISP using Livingston Portmaster 3s, and
BSDi servers running Sendmail, RADIUS, and Apache, as well as providing
shell space to customers. Installed and configured a Cisco 2525 to our
upstream provider.

- Certifications -

TCP/IP Administration - 2000, Brainbench
Linux Administration (General) - 2001, Brainbench

If the network was an orchestra, I'd be the guy who makes sure that all
the instruments are in place; there are enough flutes, but not too many
tubas; and the drummer doesn't end up with a trombone.

         David Raistrick
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