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Gopika S
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Amrita University <http://amrita.edu/> and Amrita Center for Cyber
Security<http://amrita.edu/cyber>once again welcome you to the world
of Ethical Hacking!! We are organising
the fifth edition of InCTF, InCTF 2014 - a national level beginner
friendlyethical  hacking contest - exclusively for students enrolled
in Indian

There are 3 rounds in total. The first two rounds are qualifying rounds and
are completely online: you can participate from your own university. Based
on the performance in the first two rounds, teams will qualify for the
exciting final CTF round, where teams will battle it out for the prizes. Don’t
worry if you do not have prior experience in cyber security-resources will
be provided that will help you learn and develop skills! All you have to do
is form a team, register (free) at portal.inctf.in and participate! For
more details visit inctf.in.

The only prerequisite for the contest is the urge to learn !!! We will help
you if you get stuck!!! This is a beginner friendly CTF and  previous
winners don’t get to compete. The aim of the contest is to help
studentslearn secure coding

There are exciting prizes <http://inctf.in/prizes/awards.html>* for the
event too!

 If you have any clarifications, do get in touch with us.

Website <http://inctf.in/>|Email|Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/InCTF>|
Twitter <http://www.facebook.com/InCTF>|Mailing
|IRC <http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=inctf>|Google+<https://plus.google.com/b/116957251837758131774/116957251837758131774/>
* Prizes for the event are based on the performance of the teams in the
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