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Siobhan P. Lynch
I just got this inquiry through my site info request page. If anyone  
is interested please contact them directly - if you are not a Corp  
entity (when I talked to them it sounded like they wanted a Corp to  
Corp contract) and you need to work on a W-2 basis, I can set you up  
to recieve pay through my own company with just the processing fee I  
pay through my employee leasing company

Right now I'm working full time on a security appliance and cannot  
take this contract myself.


Siobhan P. Lynch

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jeff Lafontant <[hidden email]>
> Date: May 12, 2008 3:31:39 PM EDT
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: Tridisha Networking: Job Opportunity

> This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.tridisha.com from:
> Jeff Lafontant <[hidden email]>
> Sunnyvale,CA
> 2-3 Months/Onsite
> Start May 19th
> Company makes virtual reality fitness equipment.
> All code must be written c or c++
> BSD TV Application description
> This is the description of what we need from our BSD TV application  
> engineer.  This is expected to be a contract from 2-3 months.
> ""  requires a Software Engineer experienced in BSD and television  
> clients to develop a TV application for a future generation of  ""  
> products.  This TV application would run as an integrated component  
> of the embedded client software system.
> The TV application must be able to supply clean interfaces and  
> support the following functions:
> Auto-tuning on startup to channel frequencies, supplying a list of  
> available viewing channels (auto-discovery).  The application must  
> also support skipping this step and using a supplied list of  
> channels & frequencies.
> Correctly identify & process at least NTSC, NTSC-M, PAL-I, PAL-B,  
> Supply de-interlaced video and audio streams to the game engine, the  
> video frames in a texture and the audio to FMOD or equivalent  
> library (maybe SDL).
> Multi-channel audio is consider a bonus
> Video must be at the native resolution & frame-rate of the format.
> Support for the Phillips chipset.  Support for Conexant is highly  
> desired.  KBTV / KBTV2 knowledge a plus.  " "  will provide  
> appropriate drivers for the hardware.
> Support closed captioning as supplied by each format, including  
> multiple selectable streams (generally languages)
> Identify/Create framework that will extend support to USB / Digital
> The TV application must run in our embedded environment without  
> impacting our stability over an indefinite time period measured in  
> months (no memory leaks, etc.).  System reliability will be a very  
> high priority.
> The application must be documented extensively as to both function &  
> approach, with any significant tradeoffs or risks described.
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