[HEADSUP] looking for regressions in 6-STABLE vs 5-STABLE

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[HEADSUP] looking for regressions in 6-STABLE vs 5-STABLE

Mark Linimon-2
One of the things I would like to do in my role as one of the bugmeisters
is to try to flag the PRs in GNATS that are regressions in the base system
between 5.X and 6.X.  There are a few already in there, to which I have
tried to add the text '(regression)' into the Synopsis.

If you feel that you are currently in this situation, and you have only
posted to the mailing lists, may I ask you to take a few minutes to make
sure that there is already a PR in GNATS that addresses it, and, if not,
add one?  We are not looking to collect N different copies of the same
problem, mind you; and, we are looking for very particular things where
we know that it worked in 5.4 or 5-STABLE but for some reason no longer
works.  (In particular, we are looking for regressions in agp, acpi, nfs,
and the like).

You can view the PRs that have been already submitted from a 6.X box using
the following URL:


[note: to try to keep the meta-discussion down, I've set the Reply-To
to be bugmaster.]

Mark Linimon
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