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Simon Hooper



Hi Sir/,


We finally had our much awaited meeting at the House of Commons on Wednesday.
Whilst a lower turnout than expected (62 people registered, half made it, with
apologies being provided by most), however the room was nearly full. From our
side of the table, it could have gone better – they laid the room out not as
requested, we were told it was freezing, Vince Cable arrived early and completely
threw me off script, and they forgot to provide the water and orange juice
that we paid for! 


But having said that, the Jubilee room reeked of history and those present
were serious, predominantly industry based investors, including two domiciliary
care group owners, a Medtech fund owner, experts in dementia care, the CEO
of a social enterprise think tank, carers, GP’s, etc. Just what we wanted.
And most importantly, we have many follow ups booked already.


Unfortunately, apologies are due for we had wanted to speak to many that we
had only briefly spoken to before, but we just did not make it around the room.
We now know that we should have organised the meeting a bit differently. Its
always difficult at such meetings to adequately circulate, but we would welcome
the opportunity to answer any remaining questions you may have, whether over
the phone or in a meeting. For of course I do hope that we nudged you forward
adequately to becoming an investor yourself in our project – whether you're
motivated by the SEIS qualification, the highly scalable upside of the business
or principally by the social impact nature of Re-MindMe. Since our investors
to date range from £10 to £20,000, we believe that there is a means for everyone
to offer support.


For those of you that were not able to make the meeting, and indeed in general,
we will shortly be posting an abbreviated video of the event and we look forward
to hearing from you so as further discussions.


Best wishes,

Simon .

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Click here to view video of the House of Commons event.  


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