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ISA ISDN Cards available

Hellmuth Michaelis
Hi all,

i have the following ISA (!!!) ISDN cards available to anyone who wants them,
will pay ground shipping worldwide, take all or none, first come, first serve.
In case nobody wants them, they will go into the waste after a week:

- ELSA Quickstep pro
- US Robotics Sportster ISDN TA
- ELSA Microlink ISDN PCC/16
- Compaq ISDN S0
- ITK ix1 micro 2.0
- Teles.S0/16.3
- AVM A1 3.0
- Creatix ISDN S0
- Creatix ISDN S0 PnP
- AVM Fritz Card
- EICON Diva Pro 2.0
- Teles S0 / PnP
- Stollmann Tina 2.0

Hellmuth Michaelis          HM1-RIPE           mobil +49 (0)160 / 96 45 56 96
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