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Chapman Media
  Have you ever thought of adding an extra income stream to your business?  
 IPTV (Internet TV) is fast growing the best recurring income business on the planet.  
 Chapman Media is the world leader in supplying IPTV to resellers worldwide. Everybody watches TV which means you         can offer your customers or create a business from scratch selling them what they want.  
 Find out for yourself, our IPTV platform is one of a kind and we would like to offer you a trial.  
All our           packages include:  
 • HD channels high resolution channels  
 • 14 day catch up  
 • Video Club with over 160,000 titles  
 • Audio Club with around 500 Albums  
 • Karaoke with many tracks to choose from  
 • Radio with over 170 stations  
 • XXX Adult Movies and Live TV (all password protected)  
 • Channels with Subtitles  
 • Low internet Channels (can work on as little as 1MB)  
 Our home-grown streams are built from the ground up and do not include any re streaming. If this is something that         would interest you, please send us a MAC address starting with 00:1A:79 and we will activate a free 48 hour trial.  
     CONTACT US +31208087777
 [hidden email]  
 We look forward to hearing from you.    

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Cahpman Media Limited | Cromwell House, 117 Albert Street, Belize City Belize

Chapman Media Limited
Authorized representative: Sales Dept | Email address: [hidden email] | Phone: +31 20 8087777 | Tax Identification Number: 171674 | Company Registration Number: 171674

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