Incorrect/missing hardware notes in 5.4-RELEASE links

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Incorrect/missing hardware notes in 5.4-RELEASE links

Alan Amesbury


leads to a selection of links for various platforms.  Following the
platform-specific link for "i386" gets you to the i386-specific release
notes, but those don't contain information on specific supported
hardware.  Following the "Supported Platforms" link gets you to a
different set of links.  Following this sequence

    FreeBSD/i386 Platform ->
    FreeBSD/i386 Hardware Notes

gets you to the hardware notes for 6.0-RELEASE, located at

While I realize you can get to the 5.4-RELEASE notes by replacing "6.0R"
with "5.4R" in that URL, it's not exactly intuitive.

Would you please consider making the link to hardware notes for the
various releases somewhat more conspicuous?  I think it used to be
(before the web page got restyled).  Including it in the "Hardware
Support" section of "FreeBSD/i386 5.4-RELEASE Release Notes" is probably
entirely appropriate.  (I've already verified that no link to the
hardware notes exists in the release notes.)

So, assuming I didn't overlook the obvious... thanks in advance for
fixing this!

Alan Amesbury
University of Minnesota
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