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Integration Engineer, Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale CA

Alfred Perlstein-2
Hello FreeBSD-jobs,

My name is Alfred Perlstein, I'm a kernel developer and tools/build
developer at Juniper Networks.  I'm also a FreeBSD developer in my
free time.

I am trying to find a candidate for a position at Juniper Networks
as an Integration Engineer in Sunnyvale, California for our business

Please no "must tele-commute 100%" replies, depending on skill level
there may be some leeway here, but there will need to be some travel,
particularly to get up to speed on the role.

The role is new and high profile.  It's an exciting opportunity to
join a very bright team and take a lead role in our development

The role is currently very open ended, you will have autonomy to
decide what it is you need to provide your responsibilities.

We want your ideas, your ability to interface with developers and
your ability to work across business units to smooth over code
integration issues.

As an Integration Engineer you will facilitate rapid development
at Juniper Networks by keeping a pulse on the development across
the company to give our business unit a stable snapshot of the
source code.  You will help with policies, practices and tools that
facilitate our business unit only submitting code that meets
qualifications.   You will interface with other teams to gather
test harnesses to qualify our code for other platforms and business

You will be a leader and make effective decisions that facilitate
rapid development and streamlined integration both from and to our
business unit and the rest of the company.

Required skills:
UNIX (FreeBSD a plus), you should be able to install packages and bootstrap
a machine.
shell (Borne a plus)
scripting (perl/python/ruby)
SCM experience (CVS/Perforce/Subversion/etc).
Ability to write scripts, automate processes.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Desire to effect change.

Please send a resume and include a date/time when you can talk on the
phone for a phone screen.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Alfred Perlstein
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