Intern position Juniper Networks, FreeBSD/UNIX/build/perl

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Intern position Juniper Networks, FreeBSD/UNIX/build/perl

Alfred Perlstein-2
Hello, I am looking for an intern to work with me on a software
build tool for my employer Juniper Networks.

This is a great opportunity.  You will have access to a large scale
build environment based on FreeBSD that builds the Internet's premier
router operating system.  Your successful execution will affect
hundreds of developers and potentially gain you multiple references
with extensive software experience.  You will be working with the
best and making them better.

I am constantly getting amazing feedback from users that encourages
me on a daily basis.  I would like to continue this trend and improve
on it.

This tool is a major innovation with a big impact and I need a
partner in crime with great social skills and some Unix and Perl
(or other scripting language) background.

Required skills:
. Patient and able to deal with users in a friendly and
encouraging manner.
. Able to project a kind demeanor via email.
. Scripting in some language, preferably Perl, but Python
and Ruby would also be OK.
. Understanding of shell and some understanding of make.
. Understanding of user interface issues, this tool must
be friendly to use.

What we'll be working on:
. Making suggestions for improving the build tool.
. Implementing features and fixes that come from YOU, users or
  common sense.
. Triaging bugs from users and entering them into the defect
. Fixing bugs in the build tool.
. Replying to users in a cordial and helpful manner.
. We need someone smart and focused to look at the issues and
give feedback.

I'll need a minimum of 2 hours per day, during work hours (for
email replies).  

Extra consideration will be given to anyone local to Sunnyvale CA
or San Francisco, CA who can be on site.

Extra consideration will be given to applicants that can work more
than 2 hours/day.

Please include a CV explaining why you would like this position,
any scheduling issues and your availability to start.  Please be
fluent in some scripting language such as Perl, Python, Ruby,

Please include a resume and references.

NOTE: This is an unpaid position!

- Alfred Perlstein
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